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Graphene is the world's thinnest material.

The two dimensional material was first isolated by Professor Andre Gein and Professor Kostya Novoselov at The University of Manchester. Graphene is the thinnest material known and yet also one of the strongest. It conducts electricity as efficiently as copper and outperforms all other materials as a conductor of heat. Graphene is almost completely transparent, yet so dense that even the smallest atom helium cannot pass through it.

Wearable Concepts and our partners produce a Graphene that is 99.9% free from impurities in many forms including powders, custom composites and protective coatings. Our unique production method enables us to not only manufacture these multi-functional, high-performance materials cost-effectively and at scale, but to also contribute to offsetting the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our environment as HEXU™ is extracted using a patented process from Methane & CO2. 

HEXU™’ nanoplatelets are very thin and slightly crumpled, ensuring performance and avoiding stacking at the same time. Thus, our graphene is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for electronic inks, polymer, metal composites and coatings.

Using a novel and proprietary production method based on microwave plasma. our technology can efficiently crack hydrocarbons such as methane, which are used as precursors for subsequent graphene formation. No catalyst or other chemical additives are required in our unique production process.

The graphene produced has no additive, catalyst or metal impurities. The method gives a very high degree of graphitisation and is able to deliver commercial scale to our research and commercial partners

The uses of graphene are limitless and because of its multi-functional properties, graphene can be used in thousands of different applications.

Wearable Concepts are actively supporting research, design, prototype, manufacture and commercialisation of our own and partner concepts with forthcoming releases in the areas of protective materials, wireless charging ecosystems, mobile device cases and mounting solutions. 

Sporting goods, technology and motor vehicles are just a few of the applications that can be improved with graphene . The constant research being done everyday is quickly proving that graphene is truly the material of the future. 

In this video find out about graphene's high conductivity and its limitless applications. 

Graphene can conduct electricity even better than copper and this gives graphene endless applications including conductive paints and inks, next generation electronics and more efficient batteries. 

HEXU™ Graphene Powder G1 is obtained in our proprietary plasma reactors by cracking greenhouse gases, such as methane and carbon dioxide, using advanced microwave plasma chemistry. This process ensures that our HEXU™ Graphene Powder G1 has no additive, catalyst or metal impurities.

The great electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and mechanical strength of this product has proven to be an important feature in research and development of a wide range of applications spanning power supply, aviation, automotive, construction etc.

HEXU™ Graphene Powder G1 nanoplatelets are very thin and slightly crumpled and they do not stack, ensuring optimal electrical, thermal and mechanical performance. Thus, this product is an extremely good nanofiller suitable for electronic inks, polymers, metal composites and coatings.

HEXU™ Graphene Powder G1 Properties:

Thickness: < 1nm

Average Diameter: 0.5 µm (from 0.25 µm to 1 µm)

Carbon Purity: > 99.5%

Catalyst Impurities: No catalyst

Conductivity (Pellet Method):

Density A: 3500 ± 220 S/m

Density B: 2560 ± 313 S/m

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